2 December, 2023

Learning about safety in farm setting

The ‘Calm Your Farm’ game, a product of a collaborative effort led by UNSW Sydney, emerges as an innovative solution to enhance knowledge and awareness of farm safety among teenagers in rural and regional areas.

Learning about safety in farm setting - feature photo

In these regions, tales of farm injuries, sometimes tragically resulting in loss of life, are all too common.

The free online educational game aims to educate teenagers about potential farm hazards and methods to mitigate injury risks.

Headed by Dr Amy Peden, the project addresses the vulnerability of adolescents to injuries in farm environments, where exposure to unconventional hazards is heightened.

The game comprises four modules covering high-risk areas like Vehicles, Workshop, Paddock, and Water.

Through engaging gamified learning, players navigate mini-games to learn practical information about injury prevention, from safe quad bike riding to recognizing hazard symbols.

Dr Peden emphasises the importance of targeting adolescents, an often underserved group in farm safety education.

The development involved input from students, ensuring its appeal to the teenage demographic.


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