8 July, 2021

Lowood shed open to Landcare

SOMERSET Regional Council will make a property that it has purchased in Main Street, Lowood, available to West Moreton Landcare for temporary storage.

Human Social Recovery Subgroup representative Councillor Helen Brieschke said West Moreton Landcare had enormous involvement with the Lowood community, particularly with beautification works along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail west of town.

“The plantings are becoming a huge attraction for Lowood in their own right as well as being one of the highlights of the Lowood-to-Coominya section of the rail trail,” Cr Brieschke said.

“The hard work, foresight and ongoing commitment of Landcare members like Peter Bevan have long been recognised by Council.

“We are pleased to be able to help on a short-term basis with the group’s storage needs.” 


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