13 June, 2024

Lowood SHS students smash out Kokoda trek

Eleven students and five staff from Lowood State High School (LSHS) hiked 30 kilometres through the D’Aguilar Range at Brookfield on June 1, to complete this year’s Kokoda Youth Foundation Challenge.

Lowood SHS students smash out Kokoda trek - feature photo

The students came from grades 8, 9, 10, and 12, with two of them and three of the staff having previously completed 30km, 48km, and 96km events.

The LSHS students and staff trained twice per week at school and attended weekend hikes.

LSHS’ Youth Support coordinator, Karen Kitching, said the Brookfield course was tough, but the LSHS contingent “smashed it”.

“The huge hills, mud, and then the rain made it more challenging, and they just kept going,” she said.

“They did themselves very proud representing their school.

Each and every one of them showed the four pillars - mateship, endurance, courage, and sacrifice - as they supported not only their own teams but other competitors.

“Their spirits lifted those around them, and there were times when they actually held the hands of others, showing that the Spirit of Kokoda is alive and displayed by our young people.”

Mrs Kitching said these events were “not for the fainthearted”.

“When students develop their skills, it leads to greater overall personal and social capability, and enhances their skills in other areas,” she said.

“The more students learn about their own emotions, values, strengths, and capacities, the more they are able to manage their own emotions and behaviours.

“This helps them to understand others and establish and maintain positive relationships.”

Mrs Kitching said LSHS’ motto was ‘We are only as fast as our slowest walker’.

“Our ethos is that we are not in this to win this as we are here in the spirit of Kokoda, to honour those brave young soldiers by instilling the Kokoda values in our students,” she said.


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