23 June, 2022

Maintaining the nature of Woodford

PRESERVING the uniqueness of Woodford is a key factor as Caboolture West undergoes a huge population increase in the coming years, according to Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) Mayor Peter Flannery.

Moreton Bay Regional Council at their meeting in Woodford.
Moreton Bay Regional Council at their meeting in Woodford.

Cr Flannery offered his thoughts in an interview with the Sentinel News on Wednesday of last week as MBRC staged a regional community meeting at Woodford Memorial Hall.

MBRC had previously staged regional community meetings in Samford and Deception Bay, with the Woodford meeting to be followed by MBRC staging further community meetings in other Moreton Bay locations.

Cr Flannery said MBRC was taking general meetings to the community, and wanted to engage with community groups.

Infrastructure, economic growth and supporting local businesses were the main issues Cr Flannery identified for Woodford.

Cr Flannery said Woodford was a hinterland and rural area as the Moreton Bay region had urban, coastal communities, and hinterland and rural areas.

“It’s one of our key townships,” he said of Woodford.

“We want to keep the uniqueness of it.”

Cr Flannery said Woodford was like a country town and had a country atmosphere, while being close to the urban Caboolture and soon-to-be Caboolture West area.

“It’s about protecting Woodford to make sure it doesn’t get cannibalised,” he said.

Cr Flannery said all governments tended to be reactive with matters while MBRC sought to be proactive.

“If development is going to happen or infrastructure goes in place, it’s about planning where it goes,” he said.

Cr Flannery said MBRC was about representing the whole region.

“It’s important we come out and showcase what our beautiful hinterland rural areas are,” he said.

“We’re here to listen, and we’re approachable.”

While there have been moves for MBRC to change its name from being a regional council to a city council, Cr Flannery said he wanted the region to be polycentric and not monocentric.

“We want to spread the employment and spread the wealth,” he said.


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