30 June, 2021

Make no mistake: this is Scott Morrison’s lockdown, says Member for Blair

WITH Ipswich, the Somerset Region and Brisbane suburbs of Karana Downs and Mt Crosby in lockdown, Shayne Neumann has made it clear this is Scott Morrison’s lockdown.

The Federal Member for Blair has reminded the community that Mr Morrison had two jobs this year: a speedy, effective rollout of the vaccine, and quarantine.

“Local people need to be aware that this Government has monumentally failed them,” Mr Neumann said.

“Half of Australia, including south-east Queensland, has been plunged into uncertainty and disruption because of a leaky quarantine system and a slow vaccine rollout.

“We have seen 26 leaks from hotel quarantine, numerous lockdowns, families separated from loved ones and we are no closer to seeing Mr Morrison step up and get the job done.

“The only way back economically and socially is to get Australians vaccinated.”

Mr Neumann said the constantly changing vaccine advice is hampering efforts to get the community vaccinated.

“We need this Government to be clear about the health advice on the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“His most recent announcement appears to contradict the expert advice.

“Most of us want to know what the medical experts advise because this Government cannot get the message straight.

“Where is the public health campaign about vaccinations? We’ve seen Mr Morrison’s face on billboards across Ipswich, but he cannot provide consistent messaging on this pandemic.”

Mr Neumann said he was concerned for local businesses and workers impacted by this lockdown.

“I have been calling people across the electorate for over 12 months and conducting mobile offices whenever I can. The message is clear: people need certainty and stability.

“This lockdown will hurt local businesses and workers, particularly those in casual or insecure work.

“Now it’s affecting our resources industry. And its a direct result of the bungled hotel quarantine system.

“Hotels are for tourists not quarantine.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk provided an excellent solution for a dedicated quarantine facility near the Wellcamp airport at Toowoomba. 

“This would have allowed us to bring international visitors, including some of the 30,000 Australians stranded overseas, to Queensland safely.

“This was rejected by Mr Morrison who argued that the Toowoomba-based facility was unsuitable as it was located in the desert.

“He then announced a potential facility at Pinkenba to the media before consulting with the State Government.

“Every day it becomes clearer that the current shambles that is Australia’s response to this pandemic is a direct result of Mr Morrison’s inaction, bungling and complacency.”

Mr Neumann said a Federal Labor Government would build dedicated quarantine facilities, fix the vaccination rollout, start a mass advertising campaign and ensure local manufacturing of mRNA vaccines.


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