26 May, 2021

Makeover for Delaneys Creek Hall

DELANEYS Creek Community Hall is undergoing major redevelopments, which are expected to be completed in late June.

Makeover for Delaneys Creek Hall - feature photo

The works will include:

1. Improving pathway access to the entry;

2. Install a Disability Accessible Parking Bay (DAPB);

3. Renew handrails on ramp to current standards (replacement of handrail will be required);

4. Improving access to hall stage (fixed steps and handrail);

5. Upgrading signage to be Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant;

6. Upgrading of the main front door to be DDA compliant and to meet Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements for an emergency exit door;

7. Roof truss system rectification – structural design will be required;

8. Roof sheeting replacement. This needs to occur in conjunction with point 7. As to rectify the roof truss system, it is understood that the roof sheeting will need to be removed.

9. Rectification of floor substructure – additional works included as an increase in scope.


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