17 November, 2022

Man taken into custody over Kilcoy incident

A man was taken into custody after a car windscreen was damaged outside the Exchange Hotel Kilcoy at about 7 o’clock this morning.

Man taken into custody over Kilcoy incident - feature photo

There was a quick response from witnesses to contact 000, enabling police to isolate and contain the incident and ensure no further damage to property occurred.

Police attended and conducted extensive patrols where the involved person was located at Yowie Park Football Fields.

The man was taken into custody. Police said that at no time did he present any danger to the community, with his fixated behaviour directed toward his own property.

The male person was subsequently dealt with by police for a number of matters and was transported to Caboolture where the matter was finalised.

CCTV footage from the Exchange Hotel assisted with the direction in which the male person decamped.


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