27 April, 2023

Medals and personal bests for Caboolture swimmers

FOUR members of Caboolture Central Swimming Club earned at least one medal as a dozen members of the club competed in last month’s Speedo National Preparation Meet and Jess Schipper Challenge.

By Liam Hauser

Iliya Gale achieved a silver medal and a bronze medal in the Speedo National Preparation Meet and Jess Schipper Challenge.
Iliya Gale achieved a silver medal and a bronze medal in the Speedo National Preparation Meet and Jess Schipper Challenge.

Many of the Caboolture swimmers also recorded personal bests (PBs) as they were among hundreds of competitors from around the nation in the annual event at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre.

Caboolture had Alyssa Day and Iliya Gale in the 11-year age group while Tyson Bell, Cameron Carter, Ava Lamb and Mabel Shields were in the 12-year age group.

Amy Carr, Joshua Comer, Adit Manyok and Hunter MacKenzie were in the 13-year age group, and Freeman Gale was in the 16-year age group while Tyla Paterson was in the 17-year age group.

Tyla achieved the gold medal in the 200m girls individual medley, and claimed silver in the 50m and 100m butterfly. She placed in the top 10 in all five of her events, and had one PB.

Iliya achieved silver in the 11-14 year girls 50m breaststroke, and bronze in the 11-14 year 100m breaststroke. She achieved four top-10 placings among her eight events.

Joshua earned bronze in the 11-14 year boys 50m backstroke, and three other top-10 placings. He also recorded three PBs among his seven events.

Another swimmer with four top-10 placings was Hunter, who competed in six events. He achieved two PBs while his highlight was the silver medal for boys 11-14 year 50m breaststroke.

Tyson recorded five PBs in his six events, and placed ninth in the boys 11-14 year 100m butterfly.

Mabel achieved six PBs and two top-10 placings in her seven events, while Freeman achieved two top-10 placings in his three events.

Cameron had two PBs in his four events, while Amy was in one event and took an impressive 1.1 seconds off her previous best time.

Adit also recorded a PB, as she took 0.4 of a second off her previous best in the girls 11-14 year 50m freestyle.

Ava swam in two events while Alyssa swam in one event, with the duo narrowly missing out on PBs.

A spokesperson from Caboolture Central Swimming Club said, “The 2023 Speedo National preparation meet and Jess Schipper Challenge was a huge success, with all swimmers pushing themselves to their limits and achieving impressive results.

“Congratulations to all the swimmers who competed in the meet.”

Next for Caboolture Central Swimming Club, Tyla and Freeman will compete at the Age National Championships at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, from this Friday to Saturday next week (April 7 to 15).

The rest of the Caboolture squad will have time off from competing until the short course season starts in July.


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