14 March, 2024

Meet your 2024 Candidates: Moreton Bay edition

Three weeks ago The Sentinel reached out to all mayoral and councillor candidates in Moreton Bay and Somerset, offering them a chance to take part in this ‘Meet the Candidates’ feature, free of charge.

Meet your 2024 Candidates: Moreton Bay edition - feature photo

The candidates were asked to submit a written piece with a 300 word limit, answering the question: Tell us what makes you the best candidate and one key policy you would like to implement.

Our aim with this feature is to provide a ‘level playing field’ platform, giving all nominated candidates the opportunity to present their pitch and help our readers get to know them, before the elections this weekend.

While we did our best to include everyone in this feature, we were not able to get a hold of some or did not receive a reply.

No contact information was found for Garry Ohlson (Div 5), Stephen Huxtable (Div 8) and Andrew Murphy (Div 10).

While no personal contact information was found for Gregory Dillon (Div 2), Tara Seiffert-Smith (Div 8) and Brent McDowall (Div 10), The Sentinel reached out to the candidate’s respective political parties (Animal Justice Party and The Greens), but got not reply.

Matt Constance (Div 10) didn’t respond to three emails sent.

Elections take place this Saturday, March 16, between 8am and 6pm, with early voting ending at 6pm on Friday 15.

We thank all the candidates who participated in this feature and wish them all the best of luck.

For more information about the local election head to


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