31 January, 2024

Meeting at Woodford museum

The Woodford Historical Society and Museum is welcoming contributions from the community, as the venue will host a gathering from 10am to noon on Tuesday, February 6.

Meeting at Woodford museum - feature photo

All are welcome without needing to RSVP.

The gathering will involve planning the year, while other aspects are research, museum displays, external displays, and planning bus trips and reunion visits.

Woodford Historical Society secretary Donna Grigor said there would be “discussions on what has been donated since the last meeting, correspondence, expos and seminars we’ve been invited to attend, visitor numbers to the museum, trying to answer questions the public have asked regarding our history, (and) grants we are applying for or have got”.

Donna said it would be good to see new members who are interested to share their knowledge and memories of the area.

“Any contribution, no matter how big or small, builds the story of our history,” she said.

“Some stories from the area have come in dribs and drabs from many different people, like the WW2 plane crash near Cruice Park.”


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