3 August, 2023

Moreton Bay dance crew hits the world stage

The Moreton Bay-based Anonymous Dance Crew is performing on the world stage this week, as the crew competes at the Hip Hop International (HHI) World Championship for the second year in a row.

Moreton Bay dance crew hits the world stage - feature photo

With the crew describing the event as being “the Olympics of Hip Hop”, the HHI World Championship runs from last Sunday to this coming Sunday (August 6) in the U.S. state of Arizona.

Between 55 and 60 countries are taking part, with no more than five teams per country.

The Moreton Bay-based crew is the only Queensland-based team in the adult section, while the Australian contingent also has four crews from Sydney.

One of the Sydney crews placed second in the world at last year’s championship while Anonymous Dance Crew placed 17th, however the latter is looking to change that this year.

The nine Anonymous Dance Crew members reign from Caboolture, North Lakes, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Redlands and Logan.

The crew members from south-east Queensland said they strived to be the best-performing Australian line-up in the adult section this year, and truly believed there was no reason they couldn’t stand tall on the podium after another Australian crew achieved this last year.

One of the Anonymous Dance Crew members, Chase Templeton, said the world event was “fun and competitive – it’s all for glory, not money”.

The Anonymous Dance Crew members said they were representing their family, friends, community, region, state and country at the HHI World Championship.

The crew formed about two years ago, with Chase saying the members “all came from completely different backgrounds”.

Crew leader and director Hamlin Croft-hita said the idea to form the group came about as he “decided to put something together to spark more fire into the community”.

“It sparks so much fire individually and as a team,” Hamlin said.

“Everything’s a learning curve. You learn what works and what doesn’t.”

The Anonymous Dance Crew members train two or three times each week at The Space, in North Lakes, and they also work on fitness, nutrition, physical health and mental health.

The members said the style of performance needed at least three foundational hip hop styles such as locking, breakdancing, and lite feet, while the group had to work as a team and be on the same page.

“If one person drops their fire or will whilst dancing, it all falls apart,” Chase said.

Another group member, Evander Taumafai from Caboolture, said although each crew from the competing countries spoke different languages, they “all share the same passion”.

“It’s definitely fun, but the competitive aspect is up there with competitive sports like football and fighting,” Evander said.

Evander said “your first time over there can be a bit daunting”, and that the crew learned a lot from last year, to take on board for this year.

“You’re in a different culture and environment,” he said.

“The bright lights can be overwhelming and a bit distracting.”

“Arizona desert heat is another layer on top of the craziness.”


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