3 June, 2022

Moreton Bay residents warned of rates hike

MORETON Bay councillors have concluded budget briefings, with council staff now putting the final measures in place for Budget Day on June 17.

Moreton Bay residents are warned they hface a rate hike in the 2022-23 council budget
Moreton Bay residents are warned they hface a rate hike in the 2022-23 council budget

Against the background of a difficult global market with record inflation, the council has worked on balancing the challenge of meeting community expectations and ongoing cost pressures, said Peter Flannery, Mayor of Moreton Bay Regional Council.

“I want to assure locals that we will not cut projects or services, however this commitment will come at a cost in the current climate,” Councillor Flannery said.

“So I’m not going to mince my words on this, this year’s rate rise will be higher than in the past.”

Cr Flannery said the council expected the costs of goods and materials to increase by about 14 percent this financial year.

“Every household knows the impact of skyrocketing fuel costs right now, which is significant for our vehicles, road crews, and mowing,” he said.

“Then there’s asphalt, cement, labour costs, and construction materials to continue our maintenance and construction programs.”

Cr Flannery said he knew 'we are entering difficult economic times', as well as the pressure on household budgets.

“So I promise Moreton Bay will remain one of the lowest rating councils in SEQ, and it’s thanks to our strong financial position that we will be able to do this,” he said.

“I know other councils are already cutting infrastructure projects or will have to go beyond their debt limit, that’s not the approach Moreton Bay will be taking.

“I also promise that this Budget will see a significant organisational shift, to reprioritise our works program to reflect the feedback you gave us in the feedback from our landmark 'Moreton Says' community survey.”


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