20 January, 2024

Moreton Bay’s plans for a brighter future

Moreton Bay is a step closer to its 2041 goal of being a $40 billion economy.

Moreton Bay’s plans for a brighter future - feature photo

Over 4000 new jobs, 900 new businesses and an additional $700m in Gross Regional Product were injected into the economy last year, according to the Interim Action Plan Report Card 2023.

The importance of major sponsored events also didn’t go unnoticed, with 18 events of 2023 having generated over $18 million for local businesses, attracting almost 100,000 visitors.

Mayor Peter Flannery emphasised the value of showcasing Moreton Bay’s opportunities to attract more investors.

“This year we attracted 156 investment leads, resulting in three secured major investments that will contribute $189 million in capex and 615 jobs, including 179 ongoing jobs contributing to the local economy,” he said.

This economic report coincided with the release of the state-funded Shaping SEQ Regional Plan 2023, which shared how Moreton Bay, and other SEQ towns, will develop and adapt to the projected growth of the area.

Shaping SEQ predicts a population growth in Moreton Bay of over 300,000 people by 2046, planning to build over 125,000 dwellings to support this growth, along with two major infrastructure projects: the Direct Sunshine Coast Rail and the Gateway Motorway and Bruce Highway upgrades.

These projects all work in support of the City of Moreton Bay’s 2041 goal.

The Regional Plan has been developed by the Queensland Government, working closely with 12 SEQ councils.

Its goal is to provide a sustainable framework for the growth of the region by delivering a more compact urban form, economic agglomeration, and protection and sustainable use of SEQ’s natural assets, landscape and productive rural areas.


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