11 November, 2021

Moreton Bay springs into action on mattress recycling

MORETON Bay Regional Council (MBRC) announced a new program during National Recycling Week to recover valuable materials from old mattresses.

Moreton Bay springs into action on mattress recycling - feature photo

MBRC Mayor Peter Flannery said the fast-growing region would contract Queensland-based company CDS Recycling to shred old beds and collect the steel for recycling.

“They’re big, they’re bulky and because they’re used so much they often can’t be sold on second-hand,” Cr Flannery said.

“That presents a huge problem for our tips. With all that foam, they can take up much-needed space for other waste, absorb leachate and turn into a fire hazard with oxygen seeping in.

“This is a solution to what is literally a big problem when it comes to waste in our region.

“With this program, the springs and other recyclable materials that make up beds can now be recovered and re-used, instead of ending up in landfill.

“We’re already seeing 206,000 tonnes of waste in Moreton Bay being recycled, and this is a huge step towards reducing the amount of rubbish in our tips.”


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