6 August, 2023

Neurum fire a timely reminder about being prepared for fires

A LARGE grass fire in Neurum has prompted a reminder from the Rural Fire Service for residents to ensure they have an up-to-date Bushfire Survival Plan.

Neurum fire a timely reminder about being prepared for fires - feature photo

On Friday July 21, the blaze burnt around 60 acres and threatened multiple structures, which firefighters were able to protect.

Bushfire Safety Officer, Jasmine Cassell, said it was vital for everyone to have a Bushfire Survival Plan in place so they could act quickly when a fire started in their area.

“We are expecting fire activity to increase over the coming weeks as we move into bushfire season, which is why we are asking everyone to take the time now to sit down and put their plan together,” she said.

“Once a fire is approaching there is no time to have discussions around what you will do, whether you will leave or stay and defend.

“The Neurum fire was incredibly fast-moving which prompted us to issue a Prepare to Leave warning.

“When these warnings are issued, residents should immediately enact their Bushfire Survival Plans.”

Ms Cassell said property owners also needed to ensure there was adequate access for emergency service vehicles to their property.

“Ideally our trucks need a space four metres wide and high to be able to get onto a property,” she said.

“It’s also helpful if you have your property number clearly displayed on the road.

“This will ensure we are able to access the fire quickly and bring it under control as soon as possible.

“Thankfully due to the access we had at Neurum, we were able to contain the fire in two-and-a-half hours.”

People can build their Bushfire Survival Plan according to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website:


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