13 December, 2023

New council laws

After a comprehensive review, City of Moreton Bay has implemented 13 new local laws to better align with contemporary community needs, expectations and lifestyle.

New council laws - feature photo

The laws were prepared in direct response to feedback from the community through Council’s Local Laws Review Project.

This included a three-phase engagement program undertaken by Council between March 2021 and June 2023.

Mayor Peter Flannery said local laws maintain community standards and reinforce the responsibility of residents.

“Local laws help Council regulate a wide range of matters from backyard firepits, animal-keeping and parking to advertising signs, events and more,” he said.

“It’s important we review our laws to improve their relevance and effectiveness, align with current legislative requirements, and streamline administrative processes to reduce red tape, particularly as City of Moreton Bay grows.

“These new laws provide clarity on how Council regulates issues relating to public health, environmental concerns, safety and amenity by balancing the rights of individuals with broader community expectations.

“To reflect the values and needs of Moreton Bay’s diverse communities, Council implemented a comprehensive engagement program which played a pivotal role in shaping and refining the new local laws.

“We received more than 21,000 responses from stakeholders and community members throughout the review process and I thank our involved and passionate community for having their say to inform the outcome of this review.”

The 13 new local laws include:

  • Alteration of Public Land Local Law 2023

  • Animal Management Local Law 2023 and Animal Management Subordinate Local Law 2023

  • Bathing Reserves Local Law 2023 and Bathing Reserves Subordinate Local Law 2023

  • Commercial Use of Public Land and Roads Local Law 2023

  • Camping on Public Land Local Law 2023 • Cemeteries Local Law 2023 and Cemeteries Subordinate Local Law 2023

  • Events Local Law 2023

  • Community Standards for Private Land Local Law 2023 and Community Standards for Private Land Subordinate Local Law 2023

  • Community Standards for Public Land and Roads Local Law 2023 and Community Standards for Public Land and Roads Subordinate Local Law 2023

  • Parking Local Law 2023 and Parking Subordinate Local Law 2023

  • Signs Local Law 2023

  • Temporary Homes Local Law 2023 and Temporary Homes Subordinate Local Law 2023

  • Amendment Local Law No. 1 (Moreton Bay Regional Council Local Law No. 7 (Waste Management) 2018) 2023.

The new laws came into effect on December 8, with a notice being published in the Gazette and on Council’s website.

For more information and to read the new laws, visit Council’s website.


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