22 August, 2021

New-look appeal for Toogoolawah IGA

A FACELIFT at the Toogoolawah branch of IGA has caught the eye of locals in recent weeks, with many shoppers finding it an appealing part of the streetscape.

New-look appeal for Toogoolawah IGA - feature photo

The external façade underwent a makeover to reflect a country theme and the corporate IGA look.

A diagram containing clouds, hills, trees, cattle, a fence, a windmill and a tank are presented on the external façade to the left of the store’s entrance.

On the right hand side of the store’s entrance is the writing “IGA Toogoolawah Country: Proudly supporting our local community.”

“It’s a nice country theme for a country town,” Esk District Co-op Manager Tania Lukritz said of the new-look façade.

Tania said the feedback from shoppers had been positive with regard to the external façade, while the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic did not seem to create any dramas or difficulties.

Tania said there was panic buying when the pandemic hit for the first time early last year, but that things had since settled down because people knew what to expect and how to handle the situation.

“People have been checking in as needed,” she said.

“They’ve taken it in their stride.

“Customers have been compliant and great to deal with, which makes our job a lot easier.”


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