19 April, 2024

New Mayor addresses community

Somerset Regional Council’s new Mayor, Jason Wendt, has sent a strong message to the constituents which he will represent over the next four years during his first council meeting on Wednesday, 10 April.

Somerset Mayor Jason Wendt.
Somerset Mayor Jason Wendt.

“I’m honoured to be your leader but am by no means a proud individual and would rather be known for being part of the 2024 councillor team that set Somerset on a trajectory that made it the envy of other councils,” Cr Wendt said.

“We are in a unique position where we live, being surrounded by a community of country minded people that epitomise the true heart of Australians in their love for their land, their neighbours and their community.

“They look for a hand up instead of a handout and in doing so stimulate those around them in the community to be resilient and dig deep from within to succeed.

“While we sometimes feel like the poor cousins to our city neighbours when it comes to population numbers, our region supplies the water, the fresh air and a significant amount of the food supply to keep them functioning and as Mayor I’m determined to not let them forget this.

“Money spent in Somerset – spent at the origin, provides exponential benefits to the South East Queensland region.”

Cr Wendt acknowledged that the road ahead would be challenging.

“We have enormous challenges, record cost of living prices, record land valuations and significant pressure on our agricultural sector which is our main economic driver in our region,” he said.

“We will never satisfy everyone but as long as we are driven by an ethos of working hard for the betterment of our community, in the long run, it’s worth the effort.”

Cr Wendt also took the opportunity to recognise the contributions of former Mayor Graeme Lehmann and former councillors Sean Choat, Bob Whalley and Cheryl Gaedtke.

“We have a fresh councillor team with a majority of new councillors but we must recognise the dedication and commitment of the previous elected members. Without them Somerset wouldn’t be where it is today,” he said.


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