9 April, 2024

Newcomer Moloney

Newcomer Jim Moloney is the only fresh face to the newly declared Moreton Bay Council, being announced as Division 8 councillor, following former councillor Mick Gillam’s retirement after 30 years.

Newcomer Moloney - feature photo

Cr Moloney and the rest of the Council team had their Declaration of Off ice on Friday April 5, with Council’s CEO Scott Waters, and a post-election meeting.

Mayor Peter Flannery said with the majority of Councillors returning, the team offers stability to the residents of Moreton Bay.

Cr Moloney echoed Mayor Flannery's view, saying he thinks the re-elections are “a strong indicator that Council , and in particular the council officers, are doing a good job meeting the needs of our residents”, acknowledging the only change being due to Cr Gillam’s retirement.

“As the only newcomer to the table, I will have to work twice as hard to ensure that my knowledge is brought up to speed so that Council can continue to meet the needs of residents as effectively and efficiently as possible”, he said.

Amongst the first things on Cr Moloney’s agenda is to ensure flood victims, especially in Bray Park and along Four Mile Creek, get the support they need.

“We have a lot of residents that have been impacted by the flooding and they need to feel assured that Council, along with all other levels of government, is working to help them in the recovery”, he said.

Being the only newcomer, Cr Moloney assures he will bring a unique set of experiences to the table, hoping to make Moreton Bay neighbourhoods, but particularly his Division, “the best place to live in Australia”.

“I will bring experiences to the table that will help keep the Council focused on making our neighbourhoods and communities the best places that they can be, all while addressing the challenges that we will face as the City of Moreton Bay continues to grow.”

Cr Moloney added that he is honoured and privileged to represent the people from Strathpine up to Kurwongbah and City of Moreton Bay more broadly, thanking his family, friends, and those who voted for him for placing their trust in him.

“For those who didn’t, I hope to win your trust in the coming years.

“This is not something that one person can achieve on their own.

“To do that, our whole community will need to be involved and I look forward to hearing from residents.”

Mayor Peter Flannery said Council is committed to listening to the communities to ensure the region grows in a balanced way.

Cr Flannery however stated that Council can’t keep taking the unsustainable cost-shifting that other levels of Government are pushing on to local ratepayers, when Councils only receive 3% of tax revenue.

“As South East Queensland’s fastest growing city, almost equal to the entire population of Tasmania, we will reach a population of 1 million in only 20 years’ time,” he said.

“We have an enormous task ahead of us, having to advocate strongly for much-needed funding from other levels of Government to alleviate pressure now and into the future.

Newcomer Jim Moloney with his Declaration of Office.
Newcomer Jim Moloney with his Declaration of Office.

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