20 March, 2024

Plea to respect speed

“We just want something to be done about it! These are the frustrated words of Woodford resident Jason Morton, expressing the sentiment of residents on Raaen Road, who have had constant issues with speeding cars and trucks for over a year.

Jason Morton standing his ground against the dangerous speeding on Raaen Rd.
Jason Morton standing his ground against the dangerous speeding on Raaen Rd.

When a new estate was built on Raaen Rd almost two years ago, with property driveways facing the road, a section of it had its speed limit reduced from 100km/h to 60km/h, as that stretch of road became a residential area.

However, residents have had constant issues since, as a lot of cars don’t respect the residential limit.

Having been in one of the first houses built, Jason moved to the new estate 18 months ago and has been battling against the speeding cars since.

“I want people to know and understand that doing 80 in a 60 residential zone is really selfish and dangerous,” he said.

“There is really no excuse because there are signs posted saying 60km/h all the way.

“I’ve had close calls turning into our driveway because people are that fast and coming that close up behind you, they don’t have time to break and then have to go to the other side of the road, which is a double white line.”

Resident Tahnee Gardner also voiced her concern for her children, as she doesn’t let them in the front yard due to the speeding cars.

“We moved here from the Gold Coast because we want the kids to grow up like we did, staying out til the lights come on, but I won’t let my kids out the front yard because it’s just too dangerous,” she said.

“Down the road this morning there was a massive kangaroo hopping across, so I slowed down a bit more and this man just overtook me without even looking what was going on and if that had been a kid I can’t even imagine.

“It takes that appeal away of what we got sold.”

Jason has contacted Woodford Police, Landsborough Highway Patrol, and Council, which did take some action but “not enough”.

Highway Patrol sent an unmarked car around October to drive up and down the road, but this took place on a Sunday around midday, the quietest time of the week, as nobody is coming or going to work or school.

Council put up an electronic speed measure before Christmas, but removed it after a few weeks.

“We understand police don’t have the manpower to enforce it but the issue is that it’s a safety concern for the people that live here,” Jason said.

“If the police don’t have the resources to do it, then maybe if you get the word out, people will actually behave.”

Tahnee added she would rather raise awareness now, before it’s too late.

“We don’t want the media out here for the wrong reason either, like an accident, but unfortunately sometimes it takes something really horrific for people to finally realise the issue.”

Another resident, Scott, added another issue, namely the poor road leading into the estate.

“I don’t necessarily think culling the speeding is the entire issue, because it goes hand in hand with the poor road conditions before the estate,” he said.

“People see the nice new road in front of the houses and think ‘oh yeah gonna speed now’.

“If anything I would like to see humps put in the road to make them slow down in front of the houses, rather than police enforcement.”

A Queensland Police Service spokesperson said, “Woodford Police and Highway Patrol regularly patrol Raaen Road in Woodford after identifying it as a speeding hazard.

“Police are aware of the community concern and will continue to conduct targeted patrols of the area to enforce speed limits.”

Jason and Tahnee Gardner.
Jason and Tahnee Gardner.

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