20 September, 2022

Please slow down in roadworks: Police

POLICE are urging motorists to slow down in roadworks and school zones.

Police remind drivers to slow down through roadworks with Graham Road, Morayfield identified as one problem area.
Police remind drivers to slow down through roadworks with Graham Road, Morayfield identified as one problem area.

Across the Moreton Police District there are currently a number of large roadwork projects occurring including the Bruce Highway at Deception Bay through to Elimbah, the D’Aguilar Highway between Wamuran and Kilcoy and smaller council works like on Graham Road at Morayfield, River Bend at Bellmere to name a few.

Police receive many complaints of hooning and traffic related offences each week including offences occurring in school zones and roadworks.

“We have received nine complaints specific to these areas since July this year along with many more parking complaints relating to school zones,” Police said.

“One of our more recent reports has been in regard to speeding and tailgating in the roadworks along Graham Road at Morayfield.

“The road works in this area extend through a school zone, making it even more dangerous during before and after school pick ups.

“Motorists are not adhering to the extended 40km per hour zone either side of the school zone that incorporates the road works,” said Acting Senior Sergeant Mick Hearne.

“Motorists who are doing the speed limit are then being tailgated by those who are being impatient.

“Your driving choices are not only dangerous to yourself and other motorists but the children and families attending the school, the residents living along the road and the road workers working there.”

Increased police enforcement will be conducted in this area and other areas where complaints are constant.

Police recently conducted speed enforcement at a Strathpine school where seven infringement notices were issued.

With ‘Operation Springbreak’ starting for the upcoming school holidays it is a timely reminder to slow down.

School may be out, but for Graham Road, 40km speed limits still apply while the road works are in progress.

Police across the state will be conducting high visibility patrols across main road networks across the state, particularly focussing on fatigue, speed and drink drivers.

Speeding has a direct consequence on your life and those around you. A safer drive starts with you.


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