21 July, 2022

Police launch vaping awareness videos for schools

MORETON police have launched a series of videos designed to urge children to “think twice” before vaping.

Police launch vaping awareness videos for schools - feature photo

In Caboolture, Member for Morayfield and Minister for Police Mark Ryan (pictured) and Health Minister Yvette D’Ath joined Superintendent John Hallam to launch the awareness campaign, which educates school-aged children about the health implications of vaping.

The two-part video series also includes information around the legislation affecting vaping, as well as health messaging supported by Queensland Health and the Lung Foundation.

Mr Ryan said the videos were an important tool in educating young people to make better decisions in all aspects of their lives.

“These videos are designed to give young people additional information around not just the health impacts of vaping, but of the legal implications.”

Ms D’Ath said young people needed to be aware that vaping could affect their lungs.

“Queensland Health warns that there are many known harms that arise from e-cigarettes and vaping and young people are amongst those at greatest risk of harm.

“At this point in time, there is insufficient evidence to support claims that e-cigarettes are safe.”

Superintendent Hallam said police had an important role to play in addressing vaping among young people and highlighted the affects it could have on the broader community.

“As police, we have the responsibility of educating our community and enforcing Queensland’s laws, including laws that impact underage vaping,” Superintendent Hallam said.

“Over the past few months, stores selling vaping accessories in the Moreton Police District have been subject to a number of break and enter offences where vaping products have been stolen and sold to underage people.

“These videos have been created to empower young people to make better decisions, giving them critical thinking skills that will contribute to minimising a range of offending behaviours and improving their health.”

This awareness campaign comes as Queensland Health last week launched Vape Truths featuring Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

More information on this campaign is available at www.vapetruths.initiatives.qld.


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