4 May, 2024

Pregnancy Testing in Cattle

Pregnancy testing stands as a cornerstone in effective herd management, offering producers a valuable tool to streamline decision-making and eliminate guesswork. At Kilcoy Vet Practice, we recognise the significance of this practice in optimising farm operations.

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Here’s why pregnancy testing cattle is essential:

Identifying Non-Productive Breeders: By pinpointing non-productive breeders and heifers early on, producers can make informed decisions regarding culling strategies, ensuring optimal herd composition and productivity.

Managing Surplus Females: Pregnancy testing aids in the efficient management of surplus females, enabling producers to allocate resources effectively and maintain herd balance.

Identifying Productive Breeders: It allows for the identification of productive breeders, a trait with reasonable heritability, thus informing breeding decisions for future generations.

Estimating Calving Distribution and Body Condition: Pregnancy testing facilitates the estimation of calving distribution, weaning, and breeder body condition, providing insights crucial for strategic management practices.

Managing High-Risk Cows: Identification of cows at high risk of calving late in the dry season enables proactive management strategies to mitigate associated risks.

Detecting Infertility and Disease: Early detection of infertility and disease through pregnancy testing helps prevent potential production losses and ensures the overall health of the herd.

Facilitating Assisted Reproduction Programs: For those engaging in AI/ET/IVF programs, pregnancy testing ensures the suitability of breeders, optimising the success of reproductive technologies.

Methods and Timing: Pregnancy testing can be performed manually via rectal palpation from six weeks post-breeding.

Producers with year-round mating are advised to conduct pregnancy testing at least biannually to stay ahead of management requirements.

Dr Kevin Agius, accredited by the Australian Cattle Vets Association, brings expertise in pregnancy testing to Kilcoy Vet Practice.

His proficiency ensures accurate results and invaluable insights for your herd management needs.

Pregnancy testing serves as a timely reminder for proactive herd management, guiding decisions to optimise productivity and health.

Kilcoy Vet Practice stands ready to support your herd health initiatives.

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