21 July, 2021

Push to have Childs-Berger name recognised in Wamuran

CONCERTED MOVES are under way to honour three stalwarts of the Wamuran community by changing the name of Campbells Pocket Road Park to honour Syd and Marge Childs and their daughter Hilary Berger (née Childs).

Push to have Childs-Berger name recognised in Wamuran - feature photo

A nomination has been forwarded to the Moreton Bay Regional Council that consideration be given to changing the Wamuran site to ‘Childs-Berger Reserve’.

Wamuran Historical and Visitors Centre founding committee member, Sharon Heaton, deemed that the Childs-Berger family’s “rich and significant history” in Wamuran deserved to be rewarded.

The family’s legacy in Wamuran began in 1929 with Syd and Marge, and has continued to the present day through Hilary who has undertaken personal volunteering since 1985.

“They definitely have a rich history in this area and have contributed at many levels,” Ms Heaton said.

Syd came to Wamuran at the age of 19, buying a mountain property from Bobby Busse before becoming the first commercial passionfruit farmer in Queensland.

Syd purchased more land and properties in Wamuran and had numerous business ventures, including a roadside fruit stall and a pawpaw farm.

Syd and Marge were members of the Wamuran Red Cross, as well as founding members of the Wam Hall Committee where Syd became the patron until his passing in 1981.

He was also a foundation member of the Wam Rural Fire Brigade in 1942, and he was also the Rural Fire Chief.

Marge was a foundation member and subsequent president of the Wamuran Country Women’s Association.

Hilary attended the original Wamuran ‘Old School’ which later became the WVHC.

Hilary was prominently involved in securing the building, relocating the building, and raising funds for renovating.

Since then, Hilary has assisted with the running of the building as a much-loved community space.

The building was moved onto the Wamuran Community Hall grounds in 2008 and, since the first ‘Save the Old Wam School’ Steering Committee meeting took place in 2007, Hilary has been involved in community fundraising.

This includes having the Old Wam School building restored, and now maintained as the WHVC.

Hilary, who married Peter Berger, bought the Childs’ home from her parents’ estate in 1985 before buying the Wamuran Post Office in 1993 when it was on the verge of closing down due to changes within Australia Post.

Hilary changed the Post Office from an agency to a licensed Post Office and gift shop, before selling it in 2001. Other involvements for Hilary over the years have included with the Wamuran Netball Club and Wamuran Neighbourhood Watch.

In 2011, a Wamuran and District Men’s Shed steering committee was formed under the umbrella of the WHVC, and Peter and Hilary were heavily involved with both groups in terms of fundraising and running the buildings.

Extensive details about the dedication and commitment that Syd, Marge and Hilary have given the Wamuran community for the past 92 years can be found at the WHVC.

This information is available upon request. Community consultation is a part of the nomination process, meaning that locals are invited to offer feedback on the move to have Campbells Pocket Rd Park renamed ‘Child’s-Berger Reserve’.

Support emails for this nomination are welcome and can be forwarded to


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