10 July, 2024

Putting gloves on for the Olympics

Woodford Manor Aged Care is hosting an exciting Olympics-inspired event on July 30, featuring a boxing match between an 82-year-old and boxing champion Liam Wilson’s sister, Sharnie Wilson.

Bad to the Bone Hooper takes the ring.
Bad to the Bone Hooper takes the ring.

Kay Hooper, AKA Bad to the Bone Hooper, will be box fighting Sharnie, AKA Spit Fire Wilson, for the gold medal, with Liam Wilson serving as his sister’s trainer and presenting the medal.

Ms Wilson is a personal care assistant at the facility, so she and her opponent are known to each other.

Kay has been practicing boxing at the Manor with trainer LeeAnn Swan twice a week for the past four years, now preparing for an actual match.

Ms Swan, who has been around boxing all her life, said she brought it to the aged care facility to help keep the residents mobile and work with coordination, balance and cognition.

“Kay is a beast at 82,” she said.

“It showcases the elderly can keep going and have mobility.”

The Manor will be doing their best to mimic the Olympics, including an opening ceremony on July 26, buying various medals, and even taking an Olympic torch through the community.

“The Olympic torch has left overseas and is on its way to Woodford,” Ms Swan said.

Aside from boxing, residents will also compete in medals for other sports on August 2, including fencing, basketball, soccer, and shooting.

The Woodford Strikers (residents) will take on the Woodford Warriors (Manor management staff ) for those sports.

Hooper and Wilson will be boxing at 10.30am on July 30, in the Theatre Room, at Woodford Manor Aged Care.

Kay Hooper and Sharnie Wilson ready to box.
Kay Hooper and Sharnie Wilson ready to box.

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