28 April, 2024

Queensland hits emissions reduction target eight years early

Queensland's clean economy transformation is well underway, with the Sunshine State surpassing its first emissions reduction target almost a decade ahead of schedule.

Queensland hits emissions reduction target eight years early - feature photo

Queensland has smashed its 2030 emissions reduction target of 30 per cent eight years ahead of schedule, with Federal Government data highlighting the Sunshine State reached a 35% reduction of emissions in 2022.

The newest State Greenhouse Gas Inventory data – reflecting the 2022 numbers, was recently released by the Federal Government.

The report gives further proof of the success of Queensland’s vegetation management laws, which have reduced the amount of land clearing carried out across the state and resulted in significant emission reductions in the land sector.

Queensland Parliament locked into law further targets for emissions reduction this week, with the passage of the Clean Economy Jobs Bill.

The Bill enshrined emissions reduction targets into law, including 75 per cent by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2050. Exceeding the 2030 target eight years early is further proof that targets drive action, and that the 75 by 35 target is credible and achievable.

Minister Mick de Brenni said “Enshrining these new targets into law shows business, industry and community that we’re serious about tackling climate change and provides the certainty they need to get on with the job.”


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