4 August, 2022

Raising funds at Wild West trivia night

ABOUT $6,000 was raised as Mt Kilcoy State School P and C held its annual Wild West trivia night at the Mt Kilcoy Hall on Saturday, July 23.

Raising funds at Wild West trivia night - feature photo

The Kilcoy Christmas Carnival organising committee entered two teams, with their Pistols and Petticoats team (pictured) the winners on 79 points.

Each member of the winning team received a beer mug containing $100 in vouchers from local businesses.

There were eight rounds of 10 questions each. Ten teams took part, with a maximum of eight players per team.

Many locals attended along with visitors from Toogoolawah, the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

The team named “Woody’s Round Up” comprised staff from Mt Kilcoy State School, including principal Micah Payne.

Parents of students were in other teams, and Grade 5/6 teacher Andrew Triggs was the MC.

Subjects included sport, music, entertainment, Australia, general knowledge, back to school and things your kids know, and there was also a Wild West category.

The auction included five art pieces donated from a number of families associated with the school, and these pieces raised $1,800.

Other auctioned items included a Kilcoy Global Foods rump, a bottle of rum, and a carton of Corona.

Mt Kilcoy State School P and C president Jaye-Lea Francis said the funds raised on the night would go towards the purchase of a new electronic noticeboard for the front of the school.

Jaye-Lea said it was a fun and successful night, with novelty games including a quickest draw, best rooster crow, and first to the front with a particular item.

“These are always funny and entertaining, just watching people try and get to the stage first,” Jaye-Lea said.

“There were a few tumbles and a bit of a scrap between family for the prizes, but all was in jest and harmless.”

Jaye-Lea said the quickest draw was funny to see.

“There was a count to three, then draw your finger pistol. There was a lot of sound effects, drama, and theatrics.

“It ended with a draw and two people having a five pace shootout.”


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