19 June, 2024

Rates beat valuations

Rates will rise an average of 3.8 per cent across the City of Moreton Bay, as revealed in last week’s Moreton Bay Council 2024-25 budget.

Mayor Peter Flannery with councillors and new budget.
Mayor Peter Flannery with councillors and new budget.

Among the announcements in the $922m budget is the much-anticipated rate rises, after property valuations skyrocketed earlier in the year.

Despite the average property value increasing by 36 per cent across the region, average total rates will only rise 3.8 per cent, or about $70.21 per year.

However the average total residential rate bill will rise to $109.29 from December, with the introduction of the council’s garden organics service.

Council said it would be granting a one-off $50 rates concession from July 1, 2024 to eligible owner-occupied residential properties.

“According to Roy Morgan Research, a record high number of homeowners are facing mortgage stress and this is leaving families struggling, so as a Council we felt compelled to do something,” Mayor Peter Flannery said.

The financial relief rates concession will be worth $6 million. “So, despite massive land valuations across the City, and a cost-of-living crisis, Council has minimised rate increases to give back to our residents,” Cr Flannery said.

“We know any rate rise, even if it is minimal, is an impact to the hip pocket. We need to keep costs down for locals, while still having enough in the bank to ensure our infrastructure investment keeps pace with population growth and all the while not reducing our service level to the community.”

Council will also be adding an extra $1 million to small and rural businesses initiatives.

Despite keeping the rates relatively low and adding these concessions, Cr Flannery has assured this won’t affect infrastructure investment, with Council committing $88.5 million to road and transport networks, $51.6 million to road rehabilitation and resurfacing projects, and $17.3 million to footpath projects.

“We are not cutting any projects and our responsible budget means we can continue to deliver on some of our key projects such as Youngs Crossing Road, the Suttons Beach Pavilion Redevelopment and Caboolture River Road,” Cr Flannery said.

According to Cr Flannery, the reason Council is able to deliver these low rates and concessions without “breaking the bank”, is due to the financial relief rates concession, and business support initiative, being fully funded through the partial use of Council’s Australian Carbon Credit Units, generated from the capture of methane gas at landfill sites.

“Our landfill sites will continue to produce gas, and deliver income, so this is a low risk, no-brainer way to use some our assets responsibly and give back to our residents,” Cr Flannery said.

Other areas receiving budget allocations are:

  • Crime prevention: with $1.73 million being spent on CCTV infrastructure.

  • Environmental investments: including $29.6 million to waterways and coastal areas, $3.7 million to wildlife initiatives and green infrastructure projects, and $41.3 million on parks and the environment.

  • $80.1 million to waste management, including collection services and the new garden organics bin.

  • Recreational activities, including $16.8 million to sport and recreation projects, and $51.2 million on free libraries, galleries, museums, community facilities and cultural activations.

“With a population of more than 500,000 people set to double to 1 million people in under 30 years, we will continue to budget wisely and spend for future liveability, while working with State and Federal Governments to ensure City of Moreton Bay gets its fair share,” Cr Flannery said last week.

For the full budget breakdown, including info on where and how rates money is invested, visit:

https://www. Services/Reports-Policies/ Budget/2024-25


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