18 November, 2023

Record share dividend for shareholders

The Somerset Region Community Enterprise Ltd, the company behind your local Lowood-Fernvale Bendigo Community Bank, will reward their loyal shareholders with a record 12 per cent share dividend this month.

Record share dividend for shareholders - feature photo

This milestone is a major benchmark for the community bank and a tribute to the shareholders for their foresight and investment in their local community.

“This 2023 dividend means that our branch has now been able to reinvest some $1.4 million across the Somerset community, through grants, sponsorships and dividends to our shareholders,” Company Chairperson Aaron Heck said.

This achievement is the result of a successful year within the branch, including but not limited to:

1. Branch opening on a Saturday morning to meet the customers’ growing needs, while other banks are closing their doors in the region.

2. An ATM that continues to provide an important service to both locals and visitors in the region.

3. Meeting the needs of a diverse and growing client base.

Most importantly, Aaron said, “Our Bank team takes pride in building relationships with their clients, helping them address their day to day, as well as longer term banking needs.

This is especially valued, as many are having to deal with the concerns posed by online banking, talk of cashless societies and the ever-present threat of banking and online scams.”

The locally owned and managed Lowood & Fernvale Bendigo Community bank branch operates under a franchise arrangement with the Bendigo Adelaide bank.

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