30 September, 2023

Recreational shooting range approved

A DEVELOPMENT application for a material change of use for a shooting range has been approved by Somerset Regional Council at its September 27 ordinary meeting.

Recreational shooting range approved - feature photo

Councillor Jason Wendt said the proposed outdoor recreation facility will include a 200m shooting range for rifle, pistol and shotgun sport and training shooting, as well as earth backstops, car parking, a training room, storage facilities and rainwater tanks.

“Like other councillors, I’ve taken a large number of calls from people about this application, with noise concerns being the key issue raised, but also from people who support it.

“The reports about noise impact do go some way to allaying the fears about noise, and the approval conditions have addressed those issues. We should remember that the site is located on a 1,100-hectare working farm in a rural area,” Cr Wendt said.

The approval has been issued subject to a range of conditions relating to hours of operation, submission of and adherence to both an environmental and a noise management plan.

The applicant will require separate approval from Queensland Police Service to operate the shooting range.


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