1 March, 2024

Red Dragon put on hit performance with Lions Dance

Nine team members from the Morayfield-based Red Dragon Martial Arts school performed at the Moreton Bay Lunar New Year festival, held at Caboolture Town Square on Saturday, February 17.

By Liam Hauser

Red Dragon put on hit performance with Lions Dance - feature photo

As was the case at previous Moreton Bay Lunar New Year festivals, Red Dragon opened and closed the event with Lion Dances.

There were three lions in the Traditional Lion Dance which began proceedings at 3pm, before there were two LED Lions in the finale nearly five hours later.

The dances also had a drummer, cymbal and gong player.

The costumes were handmade in Singapore, with custom colours.

Red Dragon Martial Arts School owner Brett Fenton said the participants practiced all-year round, and ramped up the training to three times each week during January to prepare for the festival.

“We all love performing, in particular our local Lunar festival,” Brett said.

Japanese drumming, Taiwanese performances and Chinese performances were also part of the festival, while there was a range of Asian cuisine.

Looking ahead to next year’s Moreton Bay Lunar New Year festival, Red Dragon is seeking a new sponsor.

the-morayfield-based-red-dragon-martial-arts-school-had-team-members-involved-in-lion-dances-at-the-moreton-bay-lunar-new-year-festival..jpg the-morayfield-based-red-dragon-martial-arts-school-had-team-members-involved-in-lion-dances-at-the-moreton-bay-lunar-new-year-festival.2.jpg

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