27 April, 2023

Requests for grocery vouchers soar amid cost of living crisis

COMMUNITIES across Australia are struggling to afford food as the cost of living continues to sky rocket. Not-for-profit donation platform GIVIT has seen a more than 100% increase in requests for grocery vouchers from the 4,500 charities and grassroots support organisations they work with across Australia.

Jaydon Munn with GIVIT groceries.
Jaydon Munn with GIVIT groceries.

GIVIT CEO Sarah Tennant said the needs of vulnerable Australians have more than doubled on the platform in the past six months, with everyday Australians finding themselves unable to afford the basics.

“There are approximately 7,000 requests for grocery vouchers on GIVIT right now, with almost 1,000 in Queensland alone,” said Sarah. “We are seeing families sleeping rough with their children because accommodation costs are no longer affordable. They are moving between the homes of friends and family or living in tents or even cars. Feeding their family is their first priority and we know that there are a lot of parents going without food so that their children can eat.”

“I think of lot of people would be shocked to see how many of our fellow-Australians are living at the moment.”

GIVIT charity partners are being forced to triage and priorities support to families with children to keep up with the demand.

“Unfortunately we know that a lot of charities are having to waitlist or turn people away because they simply don’t have the capacity to assist everyone,” said Sarah.

“GIVIT is assisting countless people across the nation with basic essentials such as food, fuel and clothing. Many are still recovering from floods that impacted large parts of the country over the past twelve months or escaping family and domestic violence, living with a disability or a mental illness.”

“First Nations communities are also disproportionately impacted with the cost of fresh food up to 70% higher in remote communities which can lead to severe food insecurity and diet-related disease.”

 GIVIT recently provided donations of grocery vouchers to Laidley Community Centre in Queensland for a farming family who have been affected by bushfires, drought and more recently floods. They have been experiencing severe financial stress and found themselves unable to put food on the table.

 A single mother from Toogoolawah in Queensland who had been flood affected was also struggling to afford food and baby formula for her newborn and urgently requested grocery vouchers through a GIVIT partner in her region. These were funded immediately by a member of the public and the woman was able to feed herself and her baby.

 Similarly an extended family living together in the Brisbane suburb of Inala were struggling to afford essential items for their children and elderly grandparents. GIVIT provided food and fuel vouchers as well as clothing to help them through a difficult period.

 “Small donations have a big impact on someone doing it tough,” said Sarah. “Donating to someone in need is an easy way of showing support to our fellow humans.”

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