17 June, 2023

Residents urged to be alert for bushfire season

LANDHOLDERS in the Kilcoy and Woodford area are advised to be proactive and ready for bushfire season, as winter weather sets in.

Landholders are urged to be proactive and ready for bushfire season, amid the risk of grassfires in particular.
Landholders are urged to be proactive and ready for bushfire season, amid the risk of grassfires in particular.

Brisbane’s bushfire mitigation manager for the Rural Fire Service (RFS), Shaune Toohey, warned that there was a high risk of grassfires from Woodford to Kilcoy and in the Somerset area.

Mr Toohey said although there wasn’t a large amount of rainfall expected from June to September, the frost levels meant the conditions were susceptible to grassfires.

“Some of the colder weather coming through, off the back of rainfall in the past couple of years, means there has been a lot of grass growth which is susceptible to ignition,” he said.

“A lot of residents in the Woodford and Kilcoy area are fairly new to the region, and some might not have previously been in a rural setting or have a farming background.

“They might not be familiar with the issue, particularly if they’ve come from the city.”

Mr Toohey said the RFS and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) were concerned about community readiness, and that they wanted people to have self-based measures in order to be prepared.

Mr Toohey urged people to talk to their neighbours and build a supportive network, as well as keep an eye on the weather.

“We will see a quick turn in the weather, especially in August,” he said.

“People should start now, and have a Bushfire Survival Plan.”

Steps which residents can take include:

  • Review and update your Bushfire Survival Plan;

  • Remove hazards and flammable materials from your property that may connect to your home;

  • Regularly mow your lawn;

  • Trim overhanging branches near your house;

  • Clear gutters and roof of leaves, twigs, bark and other debris;

  • Ensure your home and contents policy is up to date to ensure you are protected in the event of a bushfire impacting your home;

  • Ensure your house number is clearly displayed;

  • In rural areas, ensure there is adequate space for fire trucks to access your home (at least four metres wide and high with turn-around area).


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