21 July, 2021

Revamped ATM for Kilcoy

ANZ BANK customers can continue to use the automated teller machine in Kilcoy without being charged any fee, despite a recent change of label and change to the facility in Mary Street.

Revamped ATM for Kilcoy - feature photo

It surprised many passers-by to see a different ATM with the label atmx, instead of the usual ANZ.

The change comes nearly a year after ANZ signed an agreement for the sale of 1,300 of its offsite Australian ATMs to Armaguard Group.

Since the ATMs began transferring to Armaguard Group, they were rebranded as atmx.

A spokesperson from ANZ said that the new atmx service in Kilcoy was a cash machine, in addition to the fact that ANZ customers would not be charged any fee for using the new ATM.

The change of ATM in Kilcoy comes nearly 18 months after ANZ closed its doors in the town.


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