17 June, 2021

Santa weaner steers $1,670 at Laidley

424 head were sold at Stariha Auctions Laidley cattle sale on Thursday (10 June, 2021). A good line up of weaner steers came to hand, selling to excellent results for vendors.

Fleur Adams and Craig Simpson, Mulgowie, sold quality Santa weaner steers for $1,670.

Lehmann Family, Coolana, sold line of Charolais cross steers, 5-8 months, for $1,550 and $1,410.

Des Poole, Veradilla, sold Angus steers for $1,800 and $1,505.

Brenden Christiansen, Monsildale, sold a line of Limousin cows and calves for $2,400 and pens of medium Angus and Limousin cows for $1,550 and $1,500.

Eleanora Pastoral, Boonah, sold lines of Droughtmaster cross weaner steers for $1,390, $1,385 and $1,350.

Ken Klein, Cedarton, sold lines of Droughtmaster cows and calves for $2,710.

Graydon and Seaman, Ropeley, sold Droughtmaster cows for $2,020.

Valley View Graziers, Blenheim, sold the top steer for $2,460 and the top cow for $2,450.

Barrmedees, Mt Whitestone, sold 6 month old Droughtmaster steers for $1,290.

Col Gillam, Clarendon, sold a Brahman bull for $2,050.

Copley Gully, Kilcoy, sold lines of light feeders, with Brahman steers making $1,520, $1,500 and $1,390; and heifers making $1,410, $1,360 and $1,310.

Peter Scriven, Thornton, sold lines of Droughtmaster feeder steers for $1,940 and $1,770.

David Patterson, Plainland, sold Droughtmaster heavy feeders for $1930 and Brangus light feeders for $1,530 and $1,415. 

LC Livestock, Lowood, sold a line of Droughtmaster weaner steers for $1,445.

John Campion, Middlemount, sold Charbray weaner steers for $1,650 and lines of light steer calves for $1,320, $1,290, $1,175, $1,165, $1,160 and $1,140.

Ping Grazing, Biarra, sold 8 month old Charolais steers for $1,300 and $1,290. Wal Maguire, Lower Tenthill, sold weaner heifers, with Senepol’s making $1,440 and Charolais $1,400.


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