29 September, 2023

Satellite deal delivers real-time data intelligence to help combat bushfires

AUSTRALIAN emergency responders tackling bushfires over coming months will have access to real-time data intelligence for the first time, as part of a ground-breaking deal with a Finnish satellite company.

Satellite deal delivers real-time data intelligence to help combat bushfires - feature photo

The data partnership, between Finnish satellite company ICEYE and Geoscape Australia, will provide real-time situational intelligence to assist fire-fighting efforts around the nation.

Using an advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite constellation, ICEYE will be able to capture accurate, high-resolution imagery in any conditions – day and night, and even through cloud cover and smoke haze – within hours. The technology was recently used in the devastating Hawaiian bushfires and is now being deployed to strengthen capabilities to manage fire and flood events.

For the first time in Australia, ICEYE’s radar imaging satellites will combine with Geoscape Australia’s location intelligence to allow government agencies to calculate building damage from fires and manage emergency response efforts quickly and accurately.

With Australia bracing for a potentially dangerous fire season, Geoscape chief executive Dean Capobianco said the partnership with ICEYE will deliver timely information required to save lives and protect community assets.

“Geoscape is committed to collaborating with companies such as ICEYE which are breaking new data ground,” Mr Capobianco said.

“Integrating the most comprehensive location intelligence for the entire Australian region into ICEYE’s state-of-the-art natural catastrophe intelligence capabilities will dramatically improve the decision-making processes of government bodies and enterprises - and ensure those affected are given the support they need in the shortest possible period.”

Paul Barron, ICEYE Global Head of Partnerships, said this partnership will enable our public- and private-sector customers to apply a much higher data-resolution lens to their assessment of flood and bushfire events anywhere in Australia as they develop.

“The combination of ICEYE’s rapid and verifiable observation data and the latest location intelligence from Geoscape delivers an incredibly powerful response capability to government agencies and insurance companies that will significantly enhance their response efforts.”

Shaun Bennett, Director of Data Solutions, Geoscape said we collaborate with numerous organisations across both government and industry to enhance planning, response, and recovery efforts for major events like bushfires and floods. This partnership will significantly improve the efficiency and speed of these activities.”

ICEYE’s Flood Insights product has been in use since October 2022 and has analysed 18 large-scale flood events across Australia.


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