2 June, 2022

Second opinion on Esk tourism

A FACELIFT for the main street is a key to boosting Esk’s tourism future, rather than building an ‘adventure park’ on Mount Glen Rock, says one Esk resident.

Mt Glen Rock should be left alone until Esk is ready to cope with more tourists, says one resident.
Mt Glen Rock should be left alone until Esk is ready to cope with more tourists, says one resident.

Ray Byron, who lives on Sandy Creek in Esk, said the town already attracts plenty of visitors, and they should be catered for, instead of trying to attract new tourists.

“The main street is full on a daily basis, if riders begin arriving, I am concerned they will push out the existing tourists,” Mr Byron said.

“Esk is a ‘Picturesk’ part of the South East corner of Queensland, and an hour or so from Brisbane, in fact, we’re in the middle of our great region, and on the way ‘to or from’ many other regions, towns, and areas.”

Mr Byron said unless the council acts, the same problems will occur, just with a  different group of visitors.

“They (council) need to build accommodation in town, and promote existing and new venues.”

A bigger concern, Mr Byron said, is the land available for new accommodation centres to be built, with very little vacant land within walking distance of the main street, where most food and entertainment outlets are located.

“The problem remains the lack of accommodation, there is only the caravan park or the motels, and they are already full.”

Mr Byron said the current level of tourism met the council’s goals, but they were attracted by the ‘natural beauty’ of Mount Glen Rock.

“Mayor Lehmann is also quoted as saying ‘We want to boost the economic benefit to the region by attracting people who appreciate the natural beauty and cultural significance of this mountain’. 

“To me, those ‘people’, tourists in fact, have actually been appreciating ‘the natural beauty and cultural significance of this mountain’, every day, for many years now.”

Looking forwards, Mr Byron said the council’s current tourism promotions should promote the existing activities, before looking to create a new wave of tourism.

“Let’s start, with a tourism accommodation base in Esk.”

Using the council’s own tourism and business development officers to work with businesses, Mr Byron said, would create opportunities for increased growth.

“They could suggest additional lines to carry, what services are missing, encourage more new businesses, and where they are located, improve the main street lighting at night to eliminate that ‘dark, uninviting, closed’ look, generally enhance the town’s tourism appeal.

“As well, open up another caravan park, or a free camp in Esk, as caravan park sites are limited, and no extended stay areas are available in town.

“Eliminate that current ‘nowhere to stay’ mentality and the mind boggles.”

Rather than building the proposed adventure park, Mr Byron said the council should look at installing a low level bridge, just spanning bank-to-bank on Sandy Creek, which could be closed during flood periods.

“If they make the mountain a general park, it is close to town, visitors can walk in, follow the fire trail and then return to town."


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