18 November, 2022

Seniors expand boxing drills

THEY don’t take part in competitions, but members of the Woodford Manor Aged Care Boxing Club are finding many benefits in boxing activity.

Clockwise from top left: Natalie and Lee-ann from Woodford Manor with Kevin, Kay and Brian (boxing club members), and Ryland from World Gym.
Clockwise from top left: Natalie and Lee-ann from Woodford Manor with Kevin, Kay and Brian (boxing club members), and Ryland from World Gym.

Several residents from the aged care home have undertaken boxing classes thanks to an initiative from Woodford Manor Aged Care lifestyle co-ordinator Lee-ann Swan, a little over four years ago.

Lee-ann followed in the footsteps of her son Connor Dippelsmann, who spent six years as an amateur boxer before joining the professional ranks this year.

According to Lee-ann, the members of the boxing club have found that the drills and footwork have improved their balance, co-ordination, memory skills, social interaction, strength and empowerment.

The classes are held at the Woodford Manor from 9am to 9.45am each Tuesday and Wednesday, and the members recently took the chance to visit the Burpengary Manor, Caboolture-based Spiders Boxing Club, and the Burpengary-based World Gym.

“The class is now taking their skills to other facilities to help show other residents the benefits of boxing,” Lee-ann said.

“We took our first road show to Burpengary Manor, where the residents were very impressed and cheered them on.

“Then they went to World Gym so the residents got to see a proper boxing ring and got to hit the bags.

“They will be going to more facilities in the new year to encourage more elderly to see boxing is a great fitness for all ages.”

The participants use punching bags and speedball while wearing boxing wraps rather than gloves.

Ninety-four-year-old Kevin Ward, who has had a stroke and other health issues, said boxing was an effective way for him to keep fit and active.

“It makes me stand better with good balance, it makes me think when doing different routines, and I have good co-ordination,” he said.

Kevin said boxing also made him stronger while he also enjoyed the social group.

Bernie Smith, now aged 74, was the first resident to join the class. He too said he enjoyed the social side of boxing, while he also said it helped with balance and footwork.

Bernie quipped that he enjoyed “giving my boxing instructor a hard time”.

Eighty-year-old Kay Hopper said the exercises helped her balance, while she had fun and enjoyed the social aspect.

Brian and Estelle Nainn recently joined the class, and have shown their eagerness as they have repeatedly been the first to arrive.


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