3 February, 2022

SES callouts in Somerset and Moreton

The Somerset and Moreton Bay SES Units attended to four jobs each as a result of storm-related activity earlier this week, while the damage was much worse in various parts of Brisbane and Logan.

SES callouts in Somerset and Moreton - feature photo

The Somerset SES Unit attended to three roof repair tasks in Fernvale and one sandbagging task in Esk.

A spokesperson from the Somerset SES Unit said: “We did receive a request to assist Logan SES Unit with their workload but unfortunately we were not in a position to help out.”

The Moreton Bay SES Unit meanwhile had two tasks in Caboolture and two in Redcliffe.

A spokesperson from the Moreton Bay SES Unit said two of the tasks could be put down to either poor maintenance (blocked gutters causing ingress of water) or poor workmanship (failure of large chunks of silicon).

“There have been no requests to assist any other areas at present,” the Moreton Bay SES Unit spokesperson said.


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