6 May, 2022

Sisters love doing it for themselves

A DREAM became a reality for Caboolture’s three Taumafai sisters as they achieved their aim of playing together in the same rugby league team.

Emmogen, Jazmyn and Tamzin Taumafai achieved their dream of playing in the same team when they played for the Caboolture Snakes women’s team.
Emmogen, Jazmyn and Tamzin Taumafai achieved their dream of playing in the same team when they played for the Caboolture Snakes women’s team.

Although their team lost 20-12 to Caloundra on April 23, it was a special moment for Jazmyn, Tamzin and Emmogen Taumafai as they appeared for the Caboolture Snakes women’s team.

Tamzin has played for the Snakes for nine years compared with twin sister Emmogen’s eight years, while older sister Jazmyn wasn’t sure exactly how many years she had played for the Caboolture club.

“I joined as soon as they had a girls team in juniors, and came back as soon as there was a women’s team,” she said.

Ten years older than the twins, Jazmyn was part of the Caboolture team which won the first Sunshine Coast women’s rugby league premiership in 2018, with a 38-20 grand final win over Kawana.

Tamzin and Emmogen played in back-to-back premierships in junior football but are still chasing a senior premiership, having been in a beaten senior grand final team last year.

Despite her grand final success in 2018, Jazmyn said that playing next to her “little sisters” was truly the pinnacle of her career.

“I wasn’t sure if this was ever going to happen as I have been through my fair share of injuries but it happened,” she said.

“Not only was this special for us but it was such a proud moment for our family who have cheered all of us on through all of the years we have played.”

Jazmyn said she “originally was not going to play this year due to confidence being away from footy for the past three years” while living in Mount Isa.

“This was a split decision to come back as I thought if I don’t play this season I may never get the opportunity to play with them again,” she said.

Tamzin said the twins saw their older sister as one of their biggest role models.

“We have looked up to her and watched her journey with rugby league and never thought that we would actually play a season together,” Tamzin said.

Jazmyn and Tamzin said there was a bit of banter and humour among the trio, but not much on the field.

“Mainly off the field because it’s hard to be humorous and banter when you’re out of breath,” Jazmyn said with a laugh.

With Jazmyn playing in the second-row, Emmogen in the front-row and Tamzin in the centres during their first game together, the sisters had varying opinions when asked if they had different playing styles.

Jazmyn said she felt their playing styles were quite similar, although she jokingly said, “I am not currently as fit as the twins. I found it hard to keep up with them.”

According to Tamzin, the three sisters have different playing styles.

“Emmogen loves to do the hard run and keeps the forwards rolling. Jazmyn is just fearless and smashes people in defence and I think I just try and help out wherever I’m needed,” Tamzin said.

“But we all have one thing in common when we play, (and that) is we are really competitive.”

Tamzin said she held a blocking pad as she helped Jazmyn at training one day.

“When she went to run at the pad I moved and she ran into me and I went flying,” Tamzin laughed.

Emmogen said her season would end early this year as she would have a shoulder reconstruction, but she was making the most of this special time with her sisters.

Jazmyn said the sisters wished for a successful year together, and then “review what life has in store next year”.


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