23 February, 2023

Snakes U8s enjoy NRL curtain-raiser

A group of Caboolture Snakes U8s relished the chance to contest the Redcliffe Dolphins U8s in a curtain- raiser to last Sunday’s National Rugby League (NRL) trial involving the Dolphins and Gold Coast at Kayo Stadium.

Snakes U8s enjoy NRL curtain-raiser - feature photo

The Snakes were focused throughout their game and enjoyed every minute of it, with Lucas awarded a try in what appeared a touch-and-go decision.

Coach Dylan said he loved every minute of it and that the team was very well behaved.

Caboolture’s coach also said the players listened well and did the club proud.

Several of the players also shared their thoughts, with Uriyah saying how much he enjoyed playing at the same stadium as professional players.

Cormac said he was nervous but super excited, and that the other team was hard to tackle. He was grateful for the experience and wants to be a professional player for the Dolphins or Broncos.

Ollie said it was awesome and a bit scary to play in front of a big crowd.

Lucas said he absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to play for the Broncos one day, while Maverick loved his first game and couldn’t wait to play again.

Charlie too said he would love to do it again. He also remarked that the grass at the Redcliffe-based stadium was slippery compared to the Snakes’ field and that “it must be special grass”.


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