15 March, 2023

Snakes U8s thrive at ‘The Cauldron’

March 5 was a day the Caboolture Snakes U8s would never forget.

Snakes U8s thrive at ‘The Cauldron’ - feature photo

They relished the chance to play in a curtain-raiser at Suncorp Stadium – also informally known as ‘The Cauldron’ – before seeing the Dolphins triumph in their National Rugby League (NRL) debut.

Caboolture contested Narangba as four U8 fixtures took place at the same time, with the youngsters eager and happy to play in front of a big crowd.

Deagan and Liam scored tries for the Snakes who had a great time and played well.

All of the parents enjoyed watching their children play at the hallowed rugby league venue, and were thankful for the opportunity that the children had.

“It was an awesome experience at Suncorp and it was great to see the kids with smiles on their dials and so eager to play some footy with their mates,” a parent of one of the Snakes players said.

Another parent of a Snakes player said, “I was just so proud to see my little baby out there having the time of his life. He’ll remember today forever.

It was beautiful watching him retell the game with such excitement.”

Several of Caboolture’s players also shared their thoughts, with Jeremiah saying he had the best day and loved being able to play where the Dolphins won.

Deagan loved it and said his favourite part was scoring a try at Suncorp Stadium.

Jake had so much fun, saying he was so happy to play at and touch Suncorp Stadium for the first time and really wanted to do it again. He also loved hearing the crowd cheer them on.

Liam loved every minute of it and couldn’t stop talking about the whole experience. He was very proud to tell his nan that he played at Suncorp Stadium.

Axl said “it was such a fun day” and that “I want to do it again tomorrow”.

Caboolture’s coach, Brendan, said it was a great day and a privilege to coach the children at Suncorp Stadium.

Having been a spectator, Caboolture’s club football operations manager Adrian Scholtes commented on the skills demonstrated by the team. He credited the U8 squad coaches with adopting and embracing the Snakes’ coaching curriculum and the obvious flow-on effect it had on the development and capabilities shown by the U8s during their game.


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