28 August, 2023

Somerset Mayor announces retirement

SOMERSET Regional Council Mayor Graeme Lehmann has announced his decision to retire, taking the opportunity to share the news during the Mayoral Gala Charity Ball held on August 19.

Somerset Mayor announces retirement - feature photo

Graeme Lehmann started his local government career in Somerset as a councillor of Esk Shire Council in 1994 before becoming Mayor in 2004. 

Having served the Somerset community for thirty years, he will step down from his role following the next local government elections in March 2024.

Cr Lehmann’s tenure has been marked by a commitment to achieving positive funding outcomes, exemplified through collaborations with seven Australian Prime Ministers and four Queensland Premiers. His efforts have focused on benefiting the Somerset community, ensuring sustainable growth and development.

Deputy Mayor Cr Helen Brieschke reflected on Cr Lehmann’s accomplishments, saying Graeme Lehmann’s legacy showcases his dedicated work towards the community’s betterment.

“Together with the broader Somerset team, he has driven meaningful progress in our region,” Cr Brieschke said.

Working collaboratively with the Somerset community led to remarkable achievements under Cr Lehmann’s leadership. These include the impressive accomplishment of eliminating Council debt,  and positioning Somerset as the only debt-free council in south east Queensland.

“Under his leadership, the introduction of new sporting, cultural, and tourist services and facilities across Somerset’s towns enriched quality of life and cultural diversity.

Cr Lehmann’s commitment to modernising infrastructure resulted in the replacement of 60 timber bridges across the Somerset Region. Key local roads, including Lowood-Minden Road, Esk-Crows Nest Road, and Gregors Creek Road, underwent crucial upgrades, enhancing regional connectivity and accessibility.

His strong leadership was integral during the recovery process following the devastating 2011 floods, highlighting his dedication to community well-being.

The completion of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail in 2018 stands as a testament to Cr Lehmann’s commitment to enhancing tourism and recreation opportunities.

His strong family support, community involvement, business background, and unwavering honesty and integrity have been foundational to his leadership. 

As Cr Lehmann prepares for his transition to a new chapter, Somerset Regional Council recognises his profound impact on the region’s upward trajectory. The legacy of progress and resilience he leaves behind will continue to shape Somerset’s growth and prosperity for years to come.


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