15 May, 2022

Somerset road closure update

As at 11am, Sunday, May 15, 2022, the following roads throughout the Somerset Region remain closed due to flooding or flood damage.

Somerset road closure update - feature photo

Biarra: Toogoolawah Biarra Road.

Borallon / Wanora: East Summervilles Road / Summervilles Road.

Braemore:Scrub Creek Road.

Brightview: Brightview Road; Forest Hill Fernvale Rd; Mount Beppo Road.

Brightview / Lockrose: Brightview Road.

Churchable: Jamieson Road / Bolingbroke Road.

Clarendon: Clarendon Road.

Coolana: Schulz Road.

Coominya: Rocky Gully Road.

Cressbrook: Fulham Rd; Cressbrook Caboonbah Road.

Dundas: Northbrook Parkway.

Esk: South Street / Short Street.

Fernvale:Banks Creek Road.

Fulham: Fulham Road.

Glamorgan Vale: Claus Road; Marburg Road.

Hatton Vale / Prenzlau: Warrego Highway.

Ivory Creek: Littles Road.

Kilcoy: D’Aguilar Highway (Kilcoy Creek Bridge).

Linville: Mount Stanley Road.

Lowood / Patrick Estate: Patrick Estate Road.

Minden / Tallegalla: Tallegalla Road / Neundorffs Road / Laglan Lane.

Monsildale: Louisavale Road; Monsidale Road.

Moore: Arababy Creek Road.

Mount Beppo: Hamiltons Lane; Old Mount Beppo Road.

Mount Hallen: Willaura Drive.

Mount Tarampa: Watsons Rd.

Ravensbourne / Redbank Creek: Esk Hampton Road.

Sandy Creek, Kilcoy: Sandy Creek Road.

Tarampa:Rasmussen Road.

Woolmar: D’Aguilar Highway.

Wivenhoe Pocket: Wivenhoe Pocket Road; England Creek Road.


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