16 August, 2023

Speed limit reduction in 5km stretch on Mount Mee Road

About five kilometres of Mount Mee Road between Mount Mee and Ocean View will be reduced from 100 to 80 kilometres per hour, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has confirmed.

Speed limit reduction in 5km stretch on Mount Mee Road - feature photo

Works to accommodate the speed change were expected to begin this week and take about three days to complete, weather and construction conditions permitting.

A spokesperson from TMR said, “TMR undertook a formal speed limit review which considered a range of factors such as road function, roadside environment, road construction standard, prevailing traffic speeds and crash history.

“The formal speed limit review includes a road safety-based risk assessment process and recommended reducing the speed limit.

“This recommendation was endorsed by the Moreton Bay Speed Management Committee, which includes representatives from Queensland Police Service, Moreton Bay Regional Council and TMR.”

The TMR spokesperson said the reduced speed limit would improve safety for all road users, and that motorists may experience minor delays during these works which involve single lane closures.

“TMR apologises for any inconvenience caused and would like to thank the community for their patience during these important works,” the TMR spokesperson said.

State Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell, said he wasn’t consulted for input while he believed the local community wasn’t consulted either.

“The speed limit change on Mount Mee Road came as a surprise to me just as much as it did to residents in the area,” Mr Powell said.

“I do appreciate that in some cases there are genuine safety reasons for speed reductions, but it isn’t always something that I push for because I believe that what is usually needed is a road upgrade.”

Mr Powell said he was concerned that speed reductions were often used as a cheap and easy solution to what should really be a quality, long lasting road upgrade.

“There is no doubt, Mount Mee Road south of Mount Mee falls into that category,” he said.

“Speed limits are just one part of road safety.

“Staying alert and driving responsibly in any situation is key to keeping our roads safe.

“Speeding has been an issue on the range for a long time now.

“Which does lead to the question – if the current speed limit isn’t being adhered to by a select few, why would they stick to a new, lower limit?

“An increased police presence has helped curb this issue, but the road itself is still unsafe, and dropping the speed limit won’t completely change that.

“I have previously campaigned for planning and funding for safety upgrades on Mount Mee Road and will continue to do so. 

“I stand by the belief that this would be the best outcome for the local community and tourists that come to the area.”


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