21 February, 2022

Storm hits Kilcoy

There were fallen trees, fallen power lines, damaged cars and power outages in Kilcoy as a storm hit the town on Friday night.

Storm hits Kilcoy - feature photo

The Kilcoy State Emergency Service (SES) Group was activated following the storm.

The Group Leader contacted one resident that evening and members assessed all damage further on Saturday, according to Somerset-based SES Controller, Andy Bickerton.

Mr Bickerton said three tasks were allocated as a result of the storm.

One task was water leaking into a private residence in Kilcoy, with gutters requiring cleaning, and another task was fallen trees in the backyard of a private residence on Esk Kilcoy Road (not affecting residence or property access).

The third task was a damaged roof on a golf course clubhouse, with Mr Bickerton saying the damage was beyond capacity of SES members to assist.

“After conferring with the Ipswich SES Controller, I was able to confirm that Somerset SES members were not required to assist outside of Somerset region,” Mr Bickerton said.

The Moreton Bay SES Unit was also contacted for comment, with Local Controller Trevor Smith saying: “The storms did not affect the unit’s area of operations, it only resulted in one task for Caboolture group to attend a leaking roof.

“We were not approached to assist any of the surrounding units.”


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