6 December, 2023

Storm is a sight to behold

Tyson Purdie said he was storm chasing in the Esk district on November 29 when he captured this amazing photograph of the approaching storm at about 4.30pm.

Storm is a sight to behold - feature photo

“It was a very impressive super cell with an incredible structure,” he said.

“We managed to intercept the cell and for about 25 minutes we kept capturing images until the rain came.

“The storm came over us hard and fast, chasing us back through Esk and back to Kilcoy.

“My friend Phil, from Phil’s Images, drove back to Villeneuve and I stayed at Winya.

“At about 6pm, overlooking Mt Archer, the clear air bolts were dropping constantly.

“I managed to get some amazing photos from this very fast moving cell.

“The colours are from the sun setting and this is called a reverse sunset as I was facing east.

“This super cell tracked to the Sunshine Coast and did major damage at Wamuran, blowing over large trees.”

Mr Purdie said there will be plenty more storms to come this season and that he will continue to post photos on his storm imagery Facebook page.

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