25 February, 2022

Stuck while trying to cross floodwater

A number of drivers had a narrow escape as they encountered floodwater in the Stony Creek and Neurum region this morning.

Stuck while trying to cross floodwater - feature photo

One incident occurred along the D’Aguilar Highway near Eaton Lane at Stony Creek, at about 9.30am.

Triple Zero was called after a female occupant was reportedly stuck in waist-high water.

A spokesperson from Police Media said a truck driver also rang to report the incident, and said the driver escaped the scene and headed to a pub.

Another incident involved a black Commodore at Neurum Road, Mt Archer, at 9.52am. Again, Triple Zero was called.

The occupants of the Commodore were in the middle of a bridge with the windscreen wipers on, but a resident from a nearby farm property later said the occupants were able to exit the bridge.


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