22 June, 2023

Take your dog to work day - this Friday

This Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day, which aims to celebrate the love and friendship dogs provide while the event also encourages adoption.

Take your dog to work day - this Friday - feature photo

RSPCA Queensland said pet ownership comes with many health benefits, and a dog in the office for a day can also help create a positive working environment.

“Having pets in the office, or when you work from home, can really help when you’ve had a stressful day or just need a break,” RSPCA spokesperson Emma Lagoon said.

The RSPCA said pet visits in the workplace can boost employee morale, productivity, encourage healthy habits, creativity and team bonding.

Tips for a smooth doggy day in the workplace:

1.      Your dog should be socialised with other dogs and people.

2.      Check that no one at your workplace is allergic to dogs and discuss with them if bringing your dog to work would adversely impact their health.

3.      Some work environments may not be appropriate or safe for dogs – check first!

4.      Don’t forget to pack your companion’s essentials for a day out – bedding, water, treats, poop bags etc.


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