13 February, 2024

Teen aiming for the stars

Caboolture-based Parneet Kaur is gearing up to compete at the Australia Galaxy Pageants national final, held at the Bankstown Sports Club in Sydney from May 1 to 4.

By Liam Hauser

Parneet Kaur will take part at the Australia Galaxy Pageants national final in Sydney.
Parneet Kaur will take part at the Australia Galaxy Pageants national final in Sydney.

Parneet will be among 11 contestants in the Miss Teen Galaxy Australia category, following a top-three placing in the same category at the same event last year, which inspired her to go around again this year.

Parneet said she didn’t expect such a high placing last year, before she was named Miss Teen Galaxy Caboolture later in the year.

The winner will represent Australia on the international circuit, and compete with contestants from numerous countries.

Each contestant at the Australia Galaxy Pageants has the chance to raise money and awareness for the chosen charity: Batyr.

“There’s so much stigma surrounding beauty pageants being toxic,” Parneet said.

“What I love about Miss Galaxy Australia is that there are no age, height, or weight restrictions.

“They give everyone a chance to compete and try their best.

“Win or lose, I just want to make a difference.”

Parneet will compete in four rounds: Eco Wear, Evening Gown, Fun Fashion, and Interview.

The interview involves Parneet explaining what she has done for her community and why she wants to win.

Parneet’s list of activities includes influencer, brand ambassador and dance coach.

Parneet has appeared in multiple magazines, and she has more than 100,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram.

Originally from the northern India state of Punjab, Parneet migrated to Australia just before starting primary school at Nambour State School.

She finished year 12 at Narangba Valley State High School late last year, and is now studying a Bachelor of Education through University of Sunshine Coast (UniSC) with the aim of becoming a high school teacher.

Parneet didn’t speak English at all when she arrived in Australia and, although she became fluent with the language as her school years unfolded, she struggled with confidence.

Parneet said coming from a diverse background “has a big impact on you and it sometimes takes control of your life”, but things changed immensely when she took part in a photoshoot at the suggestion of a friend.

“You feel like you’re literally a prisoner within your skin,” she said.

“Looking back, I thought that having the ‘perfect body, skin, weight and mixing in’ would make me happy. “But in reality, no matter how much I changed myself, I was never satisfied.

“When I went to a photoshoot and did modeling for that shoot ‘just for fun’, I felt like a whole new person and felt so comfortable and confident within my skin.”

Parneet then immersed herself in social media and gained support and positive feedback from thousands of followers about her styling and the way she looked.

Parneet created a program called Fearless Vibez, launched in December 2023, which involves confidence workshops and photoshoots, to inspire girls and help them enter the modeling world, with Parneet saying she didn’t want others to battle unfavourable stereotypes.

“Do not give up. You just need a new group or surrounding, not a new you,” she said.


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